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      Howdy, another suggestion I’m sure no one will read.

      We all have an assload of random gems, scrolls, and other resources that probably won’t see the light of day besides being sold.

      Perhaps we could reincorporate those resources to be used as reags for mages. A mage could say enchant his weapon with a wyvern strike scroll, and the cast rate would be determined by how many scrolls are to be used per hit (so for 20% cast rate, 2 scrolls would be used per hit).

      anyone else got any ideas that could help these resources get cycled and add a bit more risk to the venturing mages?

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        here image is not class , for bless only and chemistry


            Don’t worry. We do read the suggestions ;). We have also been thinking on what to do with all the resources that nobody uses. I will take your suggestion and add it to the list.

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