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      Hi Guys,

      Just wondering what you guys would like to see us do for you. Give us your ideas and input so we can go to work. if its hunts, quests, taking back towns, beer party’s, auctions or just whatever you can think of let us know what we can do for you!

      We will take things into consideration and we really appreciate your input!

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        Well some events would be great nothing to fancy just something to let us know you are there and doing stuff. Not all combat related either do some fishing competitions and races or something as well. I love the idea of quest the problem i see is how you gonna make it worth it to do em. I would love a auction system but money is worthless after a certain point so not sure how that would work. Maybe setup some kind of trading platform not sure on that one.

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          I want to see fist weapons! Or a gm fist weapon!

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            What's happening with the shard

            So I’m new to this shard and I must admit… it was pretty tough to find this shard, and I knew what I was looking for.

            In my opinion, advertise more – MyBroadband, Facebook whatever.

            Secondly, I don’t think having more starting gold is the target here… I’ve started a crafter and after day 2 used up my gold. If you learn to play the game the way it’s supposed to be, I guess you won’t really need a lot of help. It just takes longer to get you going.

            Thirdly, my preference stays in items and the “hunt”. Items needs to be updated regularly – new items brought in, perhaps get “full set” stats, gm items etc. “Hunt” referring to both quests and quest creatures etc BUT also, when last did anyone bother with a treasure map? It used to be quite fun on the older shards. Make them tough enough as you go higher on the level maps.

            Anyway, my rant for the day 🙂

            Enjoy everyone! I hope to see you ingame soon.

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